Melania Attacked for Shoes She Wore to Iraq, Conservatives Respond with Fire

December 28, 2018Dec 28, 2018

Melania Trump can't win when it comes to her shoe choices. She's criticized whether she wears heels or flats.

On Wednesday, Melania and Pres. Trump made a surprise trip to Iraq. They went to meet with American troops stationed at Al Asad Air Base.

There are plenty of things that people could have focused on about the First Lady. For one, she is the first First Lady to travel to an active combat zone since the 1960s. In the unscheduled visit, the FLOTUS and POTUS went out of their way to make members of the military feel appreciated it.

But that's not what people focused on. Instead, they took to Twitter to attack Melania for her shoe choice. Along with her mustard blouse and dark green pants, Melania wore Timberland boots.

People on Twitter began to point out her shoes. They said they were "out of touch."

Conservatives on Twitter were quick to point out the double standard. The same people that are bashing Melania for wearing a cute pair of boots to an Air Force base are the same people that praised Michelle Obama's ridiculous boots.

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