Melania Reveals Whether She Wants President Trump to Run for a Second Term

December 14, 2018Dec 14, 2018

In a new interview with Sean Hannity, Melania Trump revealed whether or not she wants her husband to run for a second term. There's been some debate other whether the FLOTUS would want to stay in office given how the media has treated her and her family. 

During the exclusive sit-down interview, Hannity asked Melania whether she wants to stay in the White House, pointing out that she has described their stay in their stay there as "temporary." 

Melania responded, "I think my husband is doing an incredible job. The country does best ever. So yes, I want the country to continue to do well." 

This comes a day after a clip from the interview showed Melania calling out the press for the way they treat her, her husband, and their family. She criticized them for focusing on gossip instead of the substantial news. 

When asked about the hardest part of being the first lady is, Trump said, “I would say the opportunists who are using my name or my family name to advance themselves, from comedians to journalists to performers, book writers… The problem is they are writing the history and it’s not correct.”

She told Hannity that she wants the media to focus on her charitable work. The other ways that they cover her are of far less importance.

“They like to focus on the gossip. And I would like that they focus on the substance and what we do, not just about nonsense," said Melania.

However, it seems that Melania isn't letting the hard parts of being first lady cloud her judgement. She still wants what is best for the American people, and she thinks that's another term with President Trump. 

Watch the full interview here: