First Lady Melania Posts Glamorous, Sparkly Selfie with Son for New Years

January 02, 2019Jan 02, 2019

During the holiday season, people across America got together to celebrate the joys of the season. Families came together for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve to celebrate together. 

The same was true for America's First Family. President Trump and First Lady Melania spent the holidays with their loved ones. To wish a Happy New Year to her followers, Melania posted a glamorous selfie on her social media accounts.

The photo was a black and white selfie of Melania and Barron, though Barron's face was barely in the picture. It also had a sparkly filter over it that said "2019."

Along with the photograph, First Lady Melania wrote, "Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Year!"

Below is the full photo:

First Lady Melania later shared the same photograph on her Instagram account, but this time she had to crop it into the Instagram format, forcing her to cut out a portion of the picture.

Now, the Internet is going crazy over how Melania decided to crop the photo. The Instagram shows all of her face, while her son's face is cropped out even more than it was in the original! Additionally, the "2019" is cropped out half way.

Many people who defended Melania and her crop choices noted that Instagram often chooses the crop for the user, making it difficult for Melania to have posted it differently. Additionally, she may not have wanted to show Barron's entire face just for it to be ridiculed on the Internet! 

What do you think about First Lady Melania's New Year's selfie? Let us know! In other recent news, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just revealed they are expecting their fourth child!