First Lady Melania Turns Heads With Effortless, Stunning Look As She Tours Historic Site

October 03, 2018Oct 03, 2018

On October 1, First Lady Melania departed for her first solo international trip. Melania decided that her first solo trip abroad would be to four different countries in Africa, including Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt. 

On her second day in Ghana, First Lady Melania visited a former slave fort, Cape Coast Castle. According to BBC, the 17th-century castle was where tens of thousands of slaves were held before being sent to the Americas. 

First Lady Melania said that the "dungeon is really something that people should see and experience." She said that "what happened here so many years ago is really a tragedy."

As per usual, many people focused on First Lady Melania's outfit that she chose to wear. For the tour, Melania wore a green button-up blouse with a brown belt around her waist. She wore khaki pants to complete the neutral look. Earlier in the day, Melania wore snakeskin heels. For the tour, however, she changed into flats. 

First Lady Melania's outfit stood in contrast to the bright-colored garments that residents of Ghana typically wear.

What do you think about Melania's outfit on this special day? Let us know what you think. In other recent news, the beloved music genius who won Grammys for Beatles songs just passed away at 72.