Priceless Photos: Elementary Kids Filled with Pure Joy As First Lady Melania Steps into Their Classroom

April 01, 2019Apr 01, 2019

Melania Trump continues to focus her duties as First Lady on her Be Best campaign, which she officially launched in 2018. The campaign supports activities that improve the overall well-being of children with an emphasis on preventing cyberbullying and fighting against the opioid epidemic.

In Mrs. Trump’s latest event for her campaign, she visited West Gate Elementary School in Palm Beach, Florida. The reason for the First Lady’s visit was to learn about the school’s social-emotional program that was created to eliminate the issue of bullying in the classroom, according to the White House website.

When the First Lady first stepped into the classroom wearing a beautiful pinstripe dress, the kids were ecstatic! The children were filled with pure joy to spend a few moments with America’s leading lady.

A few kids waved at her upon her arrival. Others smiled at her, chatted with her, and sat next to her.

Melania shared a video clip showcasing the highlights from her school visit. Watch the video below to see her interactions with kids:

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