Melania Finds Unlikely Ally When Famous Anti-Trump Liberal Comes to Her Defense

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

On Tuesday, President Trump and First Lady Melania went to Texas to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Rather than the media focusing on what they were doing, several reporters berated Melania on social media for her outfit choice. 

While she had a change of shoes on the plane, many people were going crazy over the fact that the first lady was wearing high heels when she left the White House. Now, an unlikely ally is coming to her defense.

Trevor Noah is the host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show." Noah is famous for his liberal views and for his extreme anti-Trump stance, but he still came to Melania's defense.

On Tuesday night, Noah addressed the absurdity of the entire situation on his show. He said that it made no sense that people were more concerned about what Melania was wearing rather than what she was doing. 

He said, "People weren’t talking about the nuclear missile that Kim Jong Un tested because Melania Trump apparently did something much worse: Yeah, you see, she went to Houston wearing high heels — and she’s getting a lot of flak for it."

He continued, saying that when people help others, they should not be reprimanded for what they wear.

He said, "Here’s my thing: I don’t know why anyone should care what anyone wears when they’re on their way to help people. People were like: ‘Why is she wearing those heels when she’s gonna help people?!’ Like who cares...Cut. Her. Some. Slack.”

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