Melania Reveals First Family's Go-To White House Meal

March 13, 2019Mar 13, 2019

Over the course of her last two years in the White House, thousands of people around the nation have fallen in love with First Lady Melania. In recent days, she has been focused on her "Be Best" initiative for young kids. To promote the campaign, she has taken several trips around the world and in the states.

Every time First Lady Melania goes overseas or on an important tour, the press is there to cover it. Now, however, First Lady Melania is giving a look into her more normal day to day life. 

In a recent interview with Reuters, Melania opened up about her normal schedule. Even when she is not at various speaking engagements or on a flight somewhere, the First Lady said that she is always very busy!

Melania began by talking about her normal days.

She said, "My days are very busy. I wake up very early, I make sure my son goes off to school, and then I start working."

She continued, "I'm having a team in my East office, East Wing, of twelve. We are working very hard, working with them very closely and detail oriented. And then I have 100 people looking over in the residence and also working very closely with White House Historical Association, making sure the White House is in beautiful, perfect shape."

After, the interviewer began asking about the White House chefs. He asked if there was ever a time that Melania told the chefs to go home, and if that was the case, what she would decide to cook.

Melania responded, "I didn't do that yet, honestly. There are always little snacks that I could prepare for my son when he comes home late. But no, there's really no time and in the White House they're doing such a fantastic job. They are real professionals, so I want to keep them."

As a followup, the interviewers asked Melania what the First Family would choose to eat if they had the choice for one meal.

The First Lady took a while to respond but then gave a very traditional answer. She said that her family might choose spaghetti!

Below is the interview clip:

What do you think about the First Family's meal of choice? Let us know your thoughts. In other recent news, a famous retailer for teens just recalled 3 popular products

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