Melania and Trump Prove Media Wrong With Affectionate Gestures Throughout Europe Trip

July 12, 2018Jul 12, 2018

The media likes to make a big deal about how Melania doesn't like to hold President Trump's hand, and they replay videos where she appears to avoid contact.

However, the Trumps have been proving that rumor false during their trip to Europe. Throughout the trip, they've shown their affection for each other in small ways.

When they left for Belgium on Tuesday, they walked across the grass to board Air Force One happily holding hands.

Once they arrived in Europe, they didn't stop holding hands and showing each other affection. While in Belgium, the couple showed their love in small ways. While speaking to the press, Melania was seen gently placing her hand on her husband's back. Later that evening, the couple arrived hand-in-hand to a reception. 

They were especially affectionate towards each other in London. When they landed, Melania was seen reaching for Trump's hand. The couple clasped hands and walked as a united front onto the tarmac.

Later Thursday evening, Melania and Trump were once again seen holding hands. Her husband steadied Melania as she walked across the grass, and he was seen fondly helping her into the car.

Later in the evening, New York Times photographer Doug Mills shot an amazing picture. He caught Trump looking lovingly at his beautiful wife as they stood on the stairs in front of thousands of people.

If you look closely, you can tell that Trump is looking only at his wife. She's the focus of his attention. It's a beautiful moment! 

Throughout this trip, the couple has made it clear that they're far from disgusted by each other. It's just another way that the mainstream media tries to discredit President Trump. In other Trump news, see the way the internet went crazy over Melania's buttercup yellow dress.