President Trump and First Lady Melania Surprise Reporters, Make Visit to Capitol to Pay Respects to President Bush

December 04, 2018Dec 04, 2018

The nation is in mourning after the passing of President Bush this past Friday. The 41st Commander-in-Chief passed away at the age of 94.

He was said to have used his final moments to tell his family members how much he loved them. As his body was transported to the Capitol building on Monday, numerous political leaders took the opportunity to express their admiration for Bush and to talk about his kindness and his patriotism.

President Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, made a surprise visit to the Capitol rotunda to pay their respects to the former President. The pair looked very solemn as they honored President Bush.

"The unannounced visit was somber, with neither Trump nor his wife saying anything. Instead, they stood near the flag-draped coffin, with Trump saluting the 41st president while Melania held her hand on her heart," reported Daily Wire.

The White House didn't alert the media that the President and First Lady were on their way to pay respects to President Bush. They cited security concerns for keeping the visit a secret.

"The First Couple was not accompanied by congressional leaders. Instead, the Senate Sergeant at Arms and House Sergeant Arms brought them into the room. The room filled with the click of cameras from the photographers who were there to cover the event. They stayed two minutes, and the Rotunda was re-opened shortly after their departure," reported Daily Wire.

"Looking forward to being with the wonderful Bush family at Blair House today. The former First Lady will be coming over to the White House this morning to be given a tour of the Christmas decorations by Melania. The elegance & precision of the last two days have been remarkable!" Trump wrote on Twitter.

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