Megyn Kelly Reveals Shocker, Names Other Famous Fox News Host as Sexual Harrasser

October 23, 2017Oct 23, 2017

Megan Kelly became a household name in recent years for her television show and her commentary. Kelly even hosted her own news program while booming a central figure at Fox News.

However, conservatives differed quite a bit with Kelly during the 2016 election. Ultimately, Kelly moved to a new network and has been struggling to hit high ratings like she once did at Fox News.

However, Kelly is once again making headlines after she just revealed a shocking piece of information. She has just revealed she previously sent email complaints to the co-presidents of Fox News complaining about Bill O’Reilly.

Kelly alleges that O’Reilly behaved inappropriately toward women. The information comes after a new report claims that O’Reilly had previously paid $32 million to settle sexual harassment claims with Fox News in the past.

“O'Reilly responded to the report by saying through a spokesman that the report had "maliciously smeared" him. He also claimed that no woman ever spoke to human resources or the legal department about his behavior in his 21 years at Fox News,” according to Today.

"O'Reilly's suggestion that no one ever complained about his behavior is false,'' Kelly said Monday. "I know because I complained."

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