Megyn Kelly Makes Biggest Announcement Of Her Career

January 03, 2017Jan 03, 2017

Anchor Megyn Kelly has been drawing ire from Fox News fans lately as she appears to be simultaneously seeking to move the network to the liberal left while looking for a new job herself.

It’s left many conservative TV viewers hoping she’ll just leave already.

Now, according to The Hill, their wishes are being fulfilled as it has just been announced that she’s moving to a different network.

What might be surprising to some viewers, though, is that she’s not moving to CNN but rather NBC.

Throughout the election season, CNN has been moving increasing to the left in their political reporting.

NBC, on the other hand, which has been regarded as perennially liberal, has at least acknowledged the existence of conservatives in what might be a bid to try to get better access to Trump during his presidency.

Kelly, who has been with Fox for 12 years and gave them their second-most-viewed show — “The Kelly File” — will now host a daytime news show and a nightime Sunday show. She will also show up for major news events.

Kelly’s distancing of herself from conservative Fox viewers was probably most apparent after she continued to trade barbs with Trump after she became controversial with him while hosting a presidential primary debate.

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