Megyn Kelly Continues On-Air Feud with Jane Fonda

January 22, 2018Jan 22, 2018

Megyn Kelly hosted an unusual broadcast on Monday morning, according to the New York Times. Apparently, Megyn Kelly blasted Jane Fonda, the 80-year-old Hollywood star who has been very critical of the new NBC host in recent months. 

The New York Times reports that the feud began in September after Kelly asked about her use of plastic surgery in her first week of "Megyn Kelly Today." Fonda seemed thrown off by the question, and it fueled skepticism that Kelly wouldn't be able to transition away from a conservative hard-hitting role at Fox News and into a lighthearted role at NBC.

"I was stunned," Fonda remarked in response to the question. "It was so inappropriate. It showed that she's not that good an interviewer." 

Thus, the feud continued earlier this morning. Kelly addressed the criticisms thrown at her by Fonda.

“When she first complained publicly after the program — and repeatedly — I chose to say nothing, as my general philosophy is what other people think of me is none of my business,” Ms. Kelly said. “However, Fonda was at it again last week, including right here on NBC, and then again elsewhere. So it’s time to address the ‘poor me’ routine.”

There is a reason to believe that Kelly isn't succeeding quite as she hoped over at NBC. For instance, according to reports, she will not be going to the Olympics — something that all major reporters at NBC are able to do.

NBC announced that it is bringing back former employee Katie Couric to co-host the opening ceremony for next month's Winter Olympics, according to Fox News. The media has called this a surprise move following the network's announcement that Megyn Kelly wouldn't travel to South Korea to cover the games. 

Couric will allegedly work alongside Mike Trico, the man replacing Bob Costas as the prime-time host of the games. She has hosted three previous openings in Costas, her most recent dating back to 2004. 

One NBC insider reportedly claimed that this is "embarrassing for Megyn." The insider added that "anybody who's anybody at NBC goes to the Olympics."

The Epoch Times reports that instead of the typical three weeks of on-the-spot coverage that NBC usually supplies during the Olympics, it will only be covered for two weeks. The coverage apparently begins on Monday, February 12. This is day four of the games.

The show will go on air at 7 am, followed by Kelly's hour, then an hour co-hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford and Jenna Bush Hager.

“Kelly, who likes to interject herself into every story might have been a bad fit at the Olympic games. The story is supposed to be about the athletes and not about the Anchors, it would have been a bad fit for Kelly and it appears that NBC saw that,” wrote Scott Jones, a blogger at FTV Live.

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