Megyn Kelly Drops Bombshell on Kavanaugh Case, Enrages Dems with Claim

October 01, 2018Oct 01, 2018

Megyn Kelly is a polarizing figure in the mainstream media. Many conservatives used to appreciate her honest reporting and hard-hitting interviews. However, she lost a majority of her conservative fan base when she disagreed with President Trump.

Kelly has since left Fox News and has gone on to host her own program. Recently, she opened up about the Kavanaugh case. Kelly dropped a major bombshell on Democrats when she questioned the credibility of Kavanaugh's third accuser, Julie Swetnick.

"Swetnick, who is being represented by celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, claims that she witnessed Kavanaugh waiting in line for gang rapes and that she was a victim of such a rape," reported the Daily Caller.

Kelly wasn't falling for it. She did some digging of her own and found some key details from Swetnick's past that call her entire claim into question.

"She faced her own accusations of misconduct at a Portland company years ago — that company claims she told them she graduated from Johns Hopkins but they learned the school had no record of her, she also falsely described her work experience … she engaged in unwanted, sexually offensive misconduct herself, they said she made false and retaliatory allegations against her coworkers that they had been inappropriate with her, that she took medical leave and simultaneously claimed unemployment benefits at the same time in DC, there was a restraining order filed against her by an ex-boyfriend," said Kelly.

Kelly then went on to deliver the final knockout punch to Avenatti. You might recall that Avenatti is the same lawyer who is representing Stormy Daniels regarding her own claims against President Trump.

"Kelly concluded that there are 'reasons' the FBI is not investigating Swetnick’s claims of gang rape, and suggested that Avenatti is looking for attention with the outrageous claims. 'He has been begging for TV cameras,' she said."

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