Meghan McCain Howls at Joy Behar While Talking Trump Re-Election Campaign, Whoopi Has to Break it Up

June 20, 2019Jun 20, 2019

Thursday’s segment of “The View” got a little nasty between co-hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar. The conservative commentator and longtime Democratic host, who have butted heads since McCain first joined the show in 2017, exchanged several feisty remarks on air in front of a studio audience.

While talking about President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign launch, McCain and Behar got into a heated discussion. McCain explained that even though she is not a Trump supporter herself, POTUS has a huge backing — Trump voters even began lining up to see his jam-packed launch 40 hours prior to the start of the event.

Behar, an outspoken Trump critic, kept interrupting McCain as she attempted to explain the positive highlights of Trump’s re-election campaign. It was clear to viewers that McCain had a difficult time getting out her full explanation because of Behar’s interruptions bashing Trump and his supporters.

“You know what, Joy. I really come here every day open-minded just trying to explain it and it’s not a fun job for me every day,” the outraged co-host said. “I know you’re angry. I get that you’re angry that Trump’s president like a lot of people are, but I don’t think yelling at me is going to fix the problem.”

“Being the sacrificial Republican every day - ,” McCain began before Behar interrupted with a sarcastic, “Awww.”

“Oh don’t feel bad for me b-tch, I’m paid to do this, okay. Don’t feel bad for me,” A frustrated McCain fired back at Behar.

McCain justified her name-calling, “Oh Joy and I call each other ‘b-tch’ all the time,” before Whoopi officially broke up the argument by quickly transitioning into a commercial break.

Watch the clip below to see the heated argument between McCain and Behar:

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