Meghan McCain Reveals Why Her Father Has Not Returned to Washington, D.C.

February 08, 2018Feb 08, 2018

Senator John McCain of Arizona, 81, has battled through a tough year following his rare brain cancer diagnosis last summer. Although he has reportedly been handling chemotherapy like a champion, he has yet to return to Washington, D.C.

His most recent hospital visit, where McCain was admitted due to "normal side effects" of his cancer treatment, took place in December of 2017. As a result of the hospitalization, he was forced to miss the tax vote.

McCain was expected to return to Washington, D.C. shortly after in January, but that also fell through due to health reasons. His daughter, Meghan McCain—a conservative co-host on "The View," revealed why her father is still home in Arizona during a recent radio interview.

According to USA Today, Meghan stated, “Part of the problem, too, is like it’s this deadly, crazy flu season. His immune system is so down, everybody is worried about him getting the flu.”

This year, the flu has resulted in a mounting number of child deaths. CDC does not track adult deaths caused by the flu, but the virus can be fatal to those with weaker immune systems.

Despite his physical health complications, Meghan assured that he is mentally very stable.

“He’s very present,” she said. “We talk about politics all the time. Mentally, he’s 100% there. Just’s taken some time to get to physical fighting form.”

She is hopeful that her father will eventually return to D.C., it is just unclear when exactly that time will come.   

This news comes shortly after Meghan McCain opened up about her important phone call with President Trump.

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