Meghan McCain Reaches Out to Taylor Swift, Asks Her for a Very Special Favor

July 06, 2018Jul 06, 2018

'The View' Co-host Meghan McCain has a very special request for Taylor Swift. The Republican commentator and daughter of Senator John McCain took to Twitter to ask Swift to meet a teenager with cancer.

Swift's fan, Lexi, has the same brain cancer as McCain's father. Her friend tweeted that her biggest wish is to meet Swift are her concert in Philadelphia.

McCain retweeted a post from Lexi's best friend. In the post, her friend shared that they are attending Swift's Reputation Tour concert on July 14.

"My bestfriend lexi was diagnosed with brain cancer (glioblastoma) in december. were going to the #reputationStadiumTour on july 14th in philly and its her dream to meet @taylorswift13 !! @taylornation13 @treepaine @scottborchetta," wrote Lexie.

McCain, who has 471,000 followers on Twitter, added her support to the young girl's request. She backed this specific request because of the connection between her father and Lexi.

“Hey @taylorswift13 – we have never met, but anyway can you meet Lexi at your concert in Philly? She is fighting the same #glioblastoma cancer my father has and this would make both of our days!” Meghan McCain wrote.

After she saw McCain's tweet, Lexi responded to the tweet directly. She shared that Senator John McCain has been an inspiration.

McCain also sent a tweet to Lexi directly. She promised to help her as much as she could.

“Thank you so much, that is so kind, I will tell him that. My entire family is here in this fight with you Lexi. And let’s see what we can do about meeting Taylor Swift… I am going to do my best!” she wrote.

Lexi's best friend also replied to McCain's tweet. She seemed incredibly grateful to McCain for the signal boost.

"thank you for doing this for my bestfriend!! i cant express my gratitude enough. this is absolutely incredible," she wrote.

It's unclear if Swift has seen the tweet. This wouldn't be the first time Swift has met a fan suffering from an illness. She's made dozens of fans dreams come true.