Meghan McCain Fires at Ivanka Trump After She Praises Oprah

January 09, 2018Jan 09, 2018

First Daughter Ivanka Trump was under major heat on Tuesday after she praised Oprah’s memorable Golden Globes speech on social media. Ivanka called it “empowering and inspiring.”

Ivanka’s post immediately flooded with comments that criticized her for being “hypocritical,” referring to the sexual harassment allegations against President Donald Trump. Among those who slammed Ivanka included several Hollywood women such as John Legend’s wife Christine Teigen and American actress Alyssa Milano.

“The View” co-hosts also responded to Ivanka’s post. Joy Behar called Ivanka “clueless” and “in denial” about her father.

Conservative host Meghan McCain, Senator John McCain’s daughter, usually comes to the Trump family’s defense. However, in this situation, McCain surprisingly fired at Ivanka over her remarks praising Oprah.

Unlike the majority of the backlash against Ivanka that focused on President Trump’s accusers, McCain called out the First Daughter for being “disloyal” to her father.

“If you’re [Oprah] going on TV and making a speech where you’re taking hits on my father, there’s no way I would be tweeting any kind of accolades for what you had to say,” she said. "That's the part I don't understand."

McCain continued, “Whether [Ivanka] likes it or not, you are attached, you are an entity, you’re no longer one person. The idea that you get to be separate, especially when you are working in the White House, in the West Wing, is delusional...You’re not separate, you’re never gonna be detached from what’s happening in the White House right now.”

She also commented on the possibility of Oprah running for president in 2020, "Oprah seems to be seen by many people in the mainstream media as a really formidable candidate. This is a woman who could be running against your dad, you're gonna be in the nitty gritty of another campaign and you're already supporting this? It's just stupid politics on top of everything else," she said, insisting Ivanka’s comments could be viewed as supporting Oprah in the future election.

Watch McCain’s reaction below:

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