Meghan McCain Fights Back After Joy Behar Suggests Most Republicans Are Racist

February 09, 2018Feb 09, 2018

On Thursday, liberal co-host Joy Behar of “The View” lost a debate with a legal immigrant over President Trump’s border wall. Then on Friday, she found herself facing the indignation of Sen. John McCain’s daughter Meghan who wasn’t going to put up with Behar suggesting that most Republicans are racist.

When Behar attacked the effectiveness of Trump’s wall and suggested that no legal immigrant could be in favor of it because they’d be trying to shut out their own kind, legal immigrant Antonio Sabàto Jr. sent her reeling with his comeback. He showed “The View” hosts that he wasn’t going to back-pedal when their liberal views attacked his own.

Meghan McCain showed the same spirit on Friday in a discussion about domestic violence allegations involving White House aide Rob Porter, as well as White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s and White House Communications Director Hope Hicks’ possible connections.

Meghan scolded Behar over her sarcastic, gleeful tone when discussing the subject, telling her, “We shouldn’t make levy of this. We’re talking about the abuse of a woman. We’re laughing [about it]. It’s very serious. And as a Republican, I am offended that—”

“As a Democrat, I’m offended at Republicans,” Behar interrupted her, causing the audience to erupt in cheers.

Later in the debate, as the liberal co-hosts continued to bash the White House staff, Meghan reminded them, “Well, you’re offended by Republicans. You’re offended by me sitting here because I’m a Republican.”

Behar replied, “I’m offended by a party that backs a racist. 72 percent of the Republican party thinks he’s a good role model.”

“I’m actually going on the Van Jones show on Saturday,” Meghan said, referring to a very liberal CNN host, “and I was actually looking forward to talking about this in a way that is respectful and not being told that just because I’m a Republican I’m offending you. We’re not going to move the needle one way or another by just throwing out platitudes and hubris like that, and I would like to have a real conversation about it.”

As the audience applauded her, Meghan added, “I don’t know why you’re offended by all Republicans. I’m trying to give you my perspective. I’m trying to give you—”

“Because 72 percent of them are backing a racist!” Behar interrupted her angrily. “And somebody who has abused women. That’s why.”

“Did you know that my father was accused of being a racist? And that Romney was accused of being racist? And Jeb Bush was accused of being a racist?” Meghan asked, pointing out a Democrat trend.

“Your father is not in the Republican party of today, darling!” Behar insisted.

“Well, I look forward to having this conversation with Van on Saturday,” Meghan concluded.

Watch the 4-minute debate below:

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