Meghan McCain Claps Back at Joy Behar on Live TV

November 29, 2017Nov 29, 2017

Since Meghan McCain’s debut as a conservative voice on “The View,” the Republican Senator’s daughter has gradually made her way as a top media focus. Though her political views clearly differ from her fellow co-hosts, it’s very rare that McCain gets into a heated argument with her colleagues.

However, on Tuesday’s show, the audience was shocked when tension clearly arose between McCain and liberal co-host Joy Behar. The two ladies snapped at each other on live TV over a disagreement on whether or not Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election.

While discussing Clinton’s decision to publish a book immediately after losing to now President Donald Trump, Behar insisted that the former Democratic presidential nominee actually won. Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that Senator John McCain thinks Clinton’s book release was a mistake; in his opinion, she should have waited.

Behar chimed in, specifically directing her remark towards McCain’s daughter, “With all due respect to your father and whom I like very much, I think he’s wrong. I think a woman’s place is in the resistance—the woman won the election,” she smiled as the audience cheered.

Sarah Haines acknowledged that it did “look bad” to release that book shortly after losing, but Behar quickly interrupted, “But she did win! She did win!”

McCain corrected Behar, “She didn’t win...She won the popular vote, but we don’t elect presidents in America with the popular vote,” McCain stated. “Does that make you feel good at night? Like when you’re so angry at Trump, does that make you feel better? Because if I were you, that would not make me feel better.”

McCain continued on by referencing to her personal experience of her father losing a presidential election, but Behar interrupted again, “I know my civics, Meg,” appearing extremely frustrated with her younger co-host.

McCain clapped back, “Oh—because you’ve experienced losing running for president? You know what it feels like on election night, Joy?” The conservative host drew in several “ooo’s” and laughter from the audience with her snappy remark.

She ended defending her father’s comment against Clinton, noting that her family chose a higher route after their election loss, “It’s deeply sad. On our election, we prayed and then my father told me to ‘buck up, we’re the most blessed people in the world,’ and then he didn’t complain about it. We, as a family, recognized President Obama as the phenomenon that he was and whether or not you like it, President Trump is a populist phenomenon in a completely different way.”

Watch McCain and Behar’s heated discussion below:

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