Meghan McCain Announces Engagement to Conservative Writer

November 02, 2017Nov 02, 2017

The Hill reports that during the beginning of an episode of The View, Meghan McCain announced that she has news of an engagement. The 33-year old political pundit, who first confirmed reports on Wednesday, explained that she will be marrying Ben Domenech, the publisher of the online magazine The Federalist. Domenech is also a CBS contributor for Face the Nation. 

The two have been engaged for some time now but tried their best to keep the engagement under wraps. 

“You may have read something about me on the Internet last night. I’m engaged!” Meghan said, according to ABC News. “We’ve been together for years. We’ve been engaged for awhile and it’s a secret. I was hoping to get married and people wouldn’t find out, but people talk sometimes. I love him very much, I’m very happy."

She has been reluctant to tell anyone. And the groom didn't reveal his identity until Wednesday night by retweeting a story about their recent engagement and adding, "Love you bae."

It was recently announced that Senator John McCain has brain cancer – news that has surely caused Meghan McCain a remarkable amount of grief. Senator McCain revealed this unfortunate news on July 19, remarking that a major tumor was discovered when he underwent a minor surgery to remove a blood clot. He had the tumor removed and began treatment immediately. 

Megan said that the proposal has brought light to a very dark time of her life. Apparently, the two got engaged in the Mayo clinic immediately following her father's scan. The couple wanted to celebrate life and the joy of being alive, especially in the midst of the bad news they had just heard.

The Daily Caller reports that Meghan and her soon-to-be husband have until this point been dating in secret. In her first days on "The View," she did mention that she was "taken," and spoke very extensively about her mystery boyfriend, but his identity was not revealed until this week. 

When asked about what he thought of her daughter's fiance, Senator John McCain claimed with a straight face that the man wasn't funny. But then he commented more seriously about him, remarking that he was "happy" for Meghan and that she would be marrying a "fine man."

In recent news, the New York Giants are mourning the loss of "matriarch" Joan H. Tisch, who passed away at 90 years old.

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