Meghan Markle's Brother, Father React to Prince Harry's Remarks: 'Extremely Hurt'

December 30, 2017Dec 30, 2017

On Wednesday, December 27th, Prince Harry appeared in a radio interview with BBC, where he discussed the details of having his future wife join his family for Christmas. As previously reported, the Queen broke Royal tradition by allowing Ms. Markle over for the holidays—typically, only official members of the Royal family by blood or marriage are welcomed.

In his interview, the Prince said Christmas was “fantastic” and the Royal family “loved having her there.”

The Prince also admitted to having to explain some family traditions to his fiancee, but said she did an “amazing job.” The Royal family is a large family, and Harry noted, “She’s getting in there and it’s the family that I suppose she’s never had.”

If you missed his interview, please watch it below:

Several members of Markle’s family reacted to Prince Harry’s interview—and they were not happy about it. Previously, Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Grant, slammed Prince Harry on social media, debunking his remarks about their family.

In a video interview with the Daily Mail, Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. also admitted to being unsettled by Harry’s comments. According to him, they had a very loving family growing up and their father was “extremely hurt” by what Prince Harry said.

As of early Saturday morning, Prince Harry has not yet commented on the reactions of his fiancee’s family members.

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