Meghan Markle Couldn't Contain Her Laughter, When You See What She Was Watching You'll Be Laughing Too

October 26, 2018Oct 26, 2018

Meghan Markle and her new husband, Prince Harry, are currently on a wonderful trip! The pair has stopped in Australia and even flown to some of the neighboring islands. They are in the area due to the Invictus Games which are currently taking place.

When the couple recently visited Tonga, they were in for a great surprise! The Tupbattlingou College Boys’ choir serenaded Meghan with a special song!

The song was meant to "ward off" any mosquitoes that may be looking to bite. As we all know, Meghan is currently pregnant. She is taking all the necessary precautions to not get bitten by mosquitoes. She has been seen wearing long dresses and even sleeves to prevent any threat of getting Zika.

However, the choir was probably not expecting Meghan's reaction. It was so cute! The newest member of the Royal Family was brought to tears! She couldn't contain her laughter!

"Hilariously, the Duke and Duchess were serenaded with a song to ward off mosquitoes by the Tupbattlingou College Boys’ choir, which left Meghan in tears of laughter. The mom-to-be could hardly contain herself as the choir performed their comedy spoof, which both Meghan and Harry cheered and clapped for at the end," reported Yahoo.

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