Meghan and Harry Show Their Soft Sides in Heartwarming New Photos

September 04, 2018Sep 04, 2018

Duchess Meghan accompanied her husband to an event that he's been attending since 2007. The heartwarming event is the WellChild Awards, which honors gravely ill children and their caregivers.

Harry has been a patron of the organization since he was 22. Harry, 33, along with his wife, 37 attended a pre-awards ceremony event where they met one-on-one with the winners and their families.

Photos posted by Kensington Palace showed the heartwarming meetings. They also identified the important reason these children are being recognized.

After meeting with the children and listening to their stories, Prince Harry gave a speech. The well-loved prince spoke highly of the award winners and the organization.

"Once again this year, it is an absolute privilege to be in the company of such inspiring families and nurses – especially the children and young people that we’re all here to honour," began Harry.

He continued, "The stories that we’ve all just heard – of resilience, strength of spirit, and the power of working together – were without doubt, incredibly moving and motivating. They really sum up what WellChild is all about – giving families the best chance to care for their children at home, and supporting them through the reality of all that that entails."

He went on to thank the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and other family members who care for ill children. He also thanked the nurses and volunteers across the UK who dedicate their lives so these children can be cared for at home instead of the hospital.

He added, "And I want to acknowledge the young people who have been dealt the toughest cards imaginable – but who persevere, rise above, and set the example of living life to the fullest. In fact you are often the ones who lift us up – your 'can-do' attitude and unwavering spirit serves as a constant reminder that we must always look to the positive and never give up."

WellChild has been around for the past forty years. They work to identify ways to allow children to receive proper healthcare from home. They are looking to develop new national standards, establish new training centers, and develop digital tools.

Harry also mentioned his new wife in his speech, saying; "I have been a patron of the organization for 11 years now, and this year I am especially grateful to be able to share the scope and magnitude of this work with my wife, who joins me here this evening."

He concluded by reminding the people gathered there that they are "true inspirations."

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