Meghan Markle’s Morning Routine Allegedly Involves Googling Her Own Name Several Times, Anonymous Gossip Says

Has Meghan MarkleObsessed with what people have to say about her online? One tabloid claims Markle can’t help but Google her name several times a day. Let’s take a look at this latest piece of royal gossip.

Meghan Markle ‘On Google Alert’?

A recent edition OK! According to reports Meghan Markle is very careful about her public image. According to reports, Meghan Markle has been a habitual googling her name multiple times per day. “It’s the first thing she does every morning,” an inside source tells the tabloid. “Then she’ll check websites right until bedtime, even though she’s got alerts set up to keep track of everything people say about her.”

Apparently, Markle is keeping such a close watch because she’s in the process of reinventing herself as an entrepreneur and social activist. “She feels like she needs to keep track of the positive and negative,” the tipster explains. “Unlike Harry, who knows about to block some of this stuff out, Meghan’s ego and sensitivity know no bounds. It’s driving him up the wall.”

Meghan Markle Struggles To Block Negative Press?

We’re not buying this story. First, Markle would have to be working full-time if she tried to keep up with all the media’s comments about her. Despite her requests for privacy, Markle is a highly-publicized celebrity. This would be mentally exhausting and ultimately futile. Markle has no consensus on this. Some people love and some people hate her. But most people just want to know everything about her life.

Besides, unless this tabloid somehow got a record of Markle’s internet history (which we doubt) there’s no way they would know about this alleged habit — even if it did exist. It’s obvious that the magazine or its so-called “insider” made up this story to make Markle look bad. Until any real evidence arises to support this story, it’s safe to assume it’s a work of fiction.

The Tabloid on Meghan Markle

This is not the first time. OK! The magazine was wrong about Meghan Markle. The magazine reported that Prince Harry and Markle were planning a second, non-royal, wedding in California. Then the tabloid alleged Markle was “kicking up a fuss” by demanding they be allowed to visit the UK for Christmas. Then the outlet reported Harry was rushing off to the UK against Markle’s wishes. Obviously, OK! doesn’t have any insight into the Sussexes’ lives.

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