Meghan Markle’s Favorite Serum for Gorgeous Lashes Is on Sale

How many mascaras have you tried in your lifetime? We’ve tried volumizing mascaras, lengthening mascaras, mascaras with plastic bristles, mascaras with nylon bristles, and others of all shapes and sizes, from ones with big and curved brushes to spiky ball tips. That’s just the beginning, and we haven’t even stepped into false lash territory yet. No matter what we try, we’re never quite satisfied. We end up with flaking, clumping and smudging. Sometimes, we get no results at any point. So maybe there isn’t a miracle mascara out there, but maybe we need to go straight to the source instead. Makeup applies more smoothly to healthy skin, so why shouldn’t we look at our lashes the same way?

With the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, we’re going back a step in our beauty routine to target our lash woes where they begin. Meghan Markle couldn’t believe the results she saw when using this product, saying she was “beyond obsessed” and that her lashes became so long, falsies were no longer necessary, even on screen!

It’s there!

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The obsession is also felt by other shoppers. One who said they had tried many eyelash serums said without a doubt that “this is the best one.” Another said that with this lash conditioner, they can use any mascara on top and their lashes will “appear like falsies.” The endless search for the perfect mascara is over! Any mascara can be the perfect choice when we’ve taken proper care of our lashes. Multiple customers claimed they saw dramatic results in less than two weeks. One even reported that their lashes had a natural curl.

What does a lash conditioning product do? RevitaLash claims to improve and protect our eyelashes by targeting multiple concerns. Its key ingredients include BioPeptin Complex, peptides and natural botanicals, which claim to “saturate” our lashes with moisture to keep them soft and healthy. This could result in less breakage, brittleness, and more moisture and flexibility.

This lash conditioner also claims to promote thicker and fuller-looking lashes so we won’t need to spend 10 minutes layering on coat after coat of volumizing mascara. It was crafted with “scientifically-advanced technology,” digging past surface level to promote luxurious lashes that last.

Both dermatologists as well as ophthalmologists reviewed this product and clinically tested it to ensure its effectiveness. It is hypoallergenic and non-irritating so even people with sensitive eyes can use it. It’s also sulfate-free and certified cruelty-free! Because doctors oversaw this product’s creation, we can trust its claims to defend our lashes from daily aggressors that leave them looking droopy, sad and sparse.

After a six-week clinical study, 98% of users found “improved lash appearance,” noting that their eyelashes looked healthier and felt stronger! Crazy! However, when we look at Duchess Meghan we believe it!

This lash conditioner is easy to use. First, make sure you remove all makeup and other daily grime from your face. This is something we should do every day. Double-cleansing is a good idea. Use a foam cleanser to clean after an oil cleanser. After the skin is dry and the eyes have dried, apply a thin layer of RevitaLash Advanced to the lashes. It will take only one stroke to lash! Do the same for both eyes. Let dry, then continue your daily routine, but with healthier lashes. Do this one time per day. You don’t need to submit any more applications!

With this conditioner, we’re adding an extra step to our routine, but in the end, our routine may end up even shorter than it was before! If we begin to see results, then we might decide to give up the mascara and eyelash curler altogether.

This product may leave us feeling great about ourselves, but we’re not just talking about batting our lashes in the mirror. All proceeds go to breast cancer research. It’s always such a fulfilling bonus to be able to help out a good cause with our purchases.

We’re so ready to get rid of that FOMO feeling when it comes to different mascaras and fake lashes. With this product, we can be sure we’ve got all we need with just a swipe of a brush!

See it: Get the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner starting available at Amazon and  Dermstore! 

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