Meghan Markle Would Support Archie, Lilibet Going Into Acting

Meghan Markle.

They can forge their own path. Meghan MarkleShe wants the best for her. Prince Harry‘s two children — even if they try to follow in her Hollywood footsteps.

The Suits41-year-old alum revealed her identity during her Variety cover story published on Wednesday, October 19, that she’s “done” acting for the time being. “I guess never say never, but my intention is to absolutely not,” she told the magazine, noting that she “didn’t think [she’d] ever be in the entertainment industry again” before she and Harry, 38, began their production company.

While the duchess doesn’t plan on gracing the screen again soon, she would never keep son Archie, 3, or daughter Lilibet, 16 months, from chasing their dreams.

Meghan Markle Would 'Genuinely' Support Archie, Lili Going Into Acting

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Archie.

“I would say, ‘Great!’” the BenchWhen asked if she would support the entertainment industry for her children, author responded that she would. “When you become a parent, you genuinely want your kids to find the things that bring them complete joy. They’re our kids, obviously, and they’re part of a legacy and a tradition and a family that will have other expectations. But I want them able to forge their own paths. If it’s the entertainment industry, great. And also, good luck.”

The philanthropist continued: “There are so many people that will talk about what opened the door for my children. But it takes talent and grit. We’re creating multidimensional, interesting, kind, creative people. That’s who our kids are.”

Harry and Meghan, 38, became parents for the first time in May 2019, one year after their wedding. Lilibet — named after the late Queen Elizabeth II — joined the family in June 2021. The CBS tell-all was a spectacular success. It aired in March 2021.

“Just to have a boy and a girl, what more can we ask for?” Harry raved at the time. “We’ve got our family. We’ve got, you know, the four of us and our two dogs, and it’s great.”

But, it was not easy to adjust to two children. “Someone told H and I: ‘When you have one kid, it’s a hobby, and two children is parenting,’” the Deal or No DealDuring a November 2021 appearance on, alum teased The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Suddenly we realized, ‘Oh, right.’ Everyone talks about what it’s like for the second child, but no one talks about the adjustment for the first child when the second one comes along. I think they have this moment of, ‘Oh, this is fun. It’s just how it is now.’”

Although the couple have kept their children mostly out of the spotlight after they retired from their senior royal duties as monarchs, the proud parents have provided small glimpses into their children’s development. Earlier this year, the BetterUp CIO spoke candidly about his biggest hopes for Archie and Lili’s futures.

“[I want them] to grow up in a better world,” Harry said in April while chatting with kids from KindercorrespondentAt the Invictus games in the Netherlands. “To grow up in a fairer world, a safer world, a more equal world.”

Meghan recently shared her own perspective during an episode of her “Archetypes” podcast, explaining how she wants to raise her daughter to be “valued,” empowered and confident. “I want my Lili to want to be educated and want to be smart and to pride herself on those things,” she said.