Meghan Markle Signing $200 Million Infomercial Deal?

It is Meghan MarkleIs it time to return to TV? One tabloid reports that the Duchess has signed a lucrative infomercial contract. Let’s take a closer look at the rumor.

Meghan Markle ‘Selling Out’?

This week Star Reports Meghan MarkleIs considering entering the infomercial industry. The outlet notes that both Markle and Prince Harry were spotted earlier this year paying visits to “infomercial king” Bill Guthy’s estate, and the couple also used one of Guthy’s private jets for their trip to New York City. Their close ties to Guthy have many speculating that they’re going into business together.

And Guthy isn’t new when it comes to working with big names. He was the one behind Cindy Crawford’s direct-to-consumer beauty empire. Now that the Sussexes have branched out and made a deal with Netflix and Spotify, everyone’s wondering what their next venture is going to be. Since Markle comes from an acting background, the tabloid figures she’s ready to “cash in” on her royal status and Hollywood looks.

Meghan Markle Becoming A ‘QVC Queen’?

It’s true Markle, Harry, and Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, were seen leaving Guthy’s home, and it’s been rumored that they used Guthy’s private jet for their NYC trip. People have even suggested that Markle and Harry used Guthy’s estate to film their now-infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey. However, this is all the information that the public has and it is mostly speculation. There’s no solid evidence that they’re doing business together, and for all we know they could just be friends. The truth is, we have absolutely no context for Markle and Harry’s relationship with Guthy.

Besides, the tabloid is quick to assume Markle is “cashing in” on her looks. The tabloid even claims Markle’s “face is her fortune.” It’s obvious the tabloid is trying to make Markle seem shallow and money-hungry — and this isn’t even the first time. This happened earlier this year. StarMarkle claimed that she spent $400K on a nursery. Then the outlet alleged Markle was “obsessed” with her appearance and had too many “nips and tucks.” It’s clear the magazine desperately trying to push a certain narrative about Markle and therefore can’t be trusted to report accurately on the duchess.

The Tabloid On The Sussexes

The magazine has a long history in making mistakes about the Sussexes. The magazine claimed Markle was actually pregnant with twins earlier in the year. Since she later gave birth to a single, healthy baby girl, it’s obvious the tabloid was wrong. The magazine also claimed that Harry and Markle were leaving California and beg the queen to return them. The magazine also claimed that Harry was competing against his father Prince Charles in their TV projects. Evidently, Star isn’t reliable when it comes to the Sussexes — or any royals for that matter.