Meghan Markle Reportedly Outraged At Kate Middleton Christmas Slight, Latest Gossip Claims

Did Meghan MarkleFeel let down Kate Middleton‘s holiday announcement? According to one tabloid, Middleton’s special Christmas plans have Markle green with envy. Here’s the latest on the duchesses’ bitter feud.

Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Set The Stage For A ‘Christmas Showdown’?

This week Woman’s Day According to reports, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are once again at odds. Middleton recently announced that she will host a star-studded Christmas Eve Carol Special at Westminster Abbey. While insiders said Middleton “looked amazing and did such an excellent job,” Markle didn’t exactly extend any congratulations. According to the tabloid’s sources, Markle was “extremely jealous” of Middleton’s new gig.

“Hosting an event like that would have been right up Meghan’s alley. She loves public speaking and believes she would have dazzled at a British carols event, rubbing shoulders with other artists,” the tipster explains. “Meghan is now pushing ahead with plans to record a holiday message of her own from California. She wants to model it on the Queen’s annual Christmas address, but draw attention to her own charities and plans for the future, along with reflecting on what a crazy year it’s been for them.”

The tabloid also mentions that the matter of “who made who cry?” is back up for debate. Kirstie Allsopp from the UK, a friend of Camilla Bowles and TV property star, testified that Middleton was one of the ones who shed tears when she heard Markle bullying the palace staff. “Kate getting her side of what happened out via Camilla’s network is not something she wants to do, but Meghan’s accusations still continue to hurt her to this day,” the source concluded.

Meghan Markle ‘Extremely Jealous’ Of Kate Middleton?

We don’t believe this story. First of all, Meghan Markle hasn’t made any comments about Kate Middleton’s Christmas special, and we have no reason to believe she’d be envious of her. Despite the tabloids’ attempts to pit the duchesses against each other, Markle has only ever spoken fondly of Middleton. And we certainly aren’t buying the idea that Markle is going to rip off the queen’s Christmas address. This is a blatant character assassination of Markle.

As for Allsopp’s recent revelation, we have no reason to trust her account of things. Nevertheless, these two stories aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s entirely possible that both Markle and Middleton shed tears in private during an emotional and tumultuous time. What’s important is that they made amends and no hard feelings were held over the incident. It’s ridiculous how the tabloids won’t let go of this small detail, especially since it looks like the duchesses have.

The Tabloid on Kate Middleton

This is far from the first. Woman’s Day Kate Middleton is wrong, says the tabloid. The tabloid reported that Meghan Markle was being confronted by the duchess in Los Angeles not long ago. The publication then reported that Middleton was allegedly pregnant with her fourth baby. And most recently, the magazine reported Prince Harry had sought Kate Middleton’s help in stopping Markle. Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t reliable when it comes to the Duchess of Cambridge or any royal for that matter.