Meghan King Seemingly Reveals New Boyfriend: Details

A romantic comedy about real life! Meghan KingAfter a surprise trip in Denver, she met up with an old friend to find a new man.

King, 38, revealed on the Tuesday, October 18, episode of her “Intimate Knowledge” podcast that her weekend went awry after flying to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to meet up with a man named MikeRaya matched her with. 

However, the former will be restored after a bad date Real Housewives of Orange County star ended up in Denver, Colorado, to spend time with her loved ones — and sparks flew when she met up with her longtime pal Kenny.

“Kenny comes over, runs into my arms, and we’re making out. It’s so sweet, it’s like long-lost lovers,” she gushed. “It couldn’t have been better. It was so easy to connect. It was everything I imagined in my brain.”

The Missouri native revealed that the twosome “spent the night together” watching TV, which ended with her having “the most incredible sex” — something that left King both “mindblown” and panicked. 

“Right before I got on my plane to come back [home]I called him. I said, ‘I don’t understand. I don’t understand why sex is so good. Is it lust? Is this a lustful act? Because I am not in the for lust, I’m in this for the real deal,’” she explained.

After sharing that the duo talked “long term” — he asked her to “move to Denver” so he could “take care” of her — the Resale Royalty alum gushed about how the mystery man “knows my crazy” and the pair share a “real history” together.

“I feel like I’m in a rom-com,” the TV personality said of her whirlwind romance before calling her new beau a “real man.” 

King made headlines when she and BacheloretteAlum Mike JohnsonThey were set up to go on a blind date at last month’s iHeartRadio music awards. They fell in love and were seen getting close at a Las Vegas strip nightclub. 

Following their PDA-packed weekend, King exclusively opened up to Us Weekly about how she wasn’t ruling out a potential relationship. 

“I don’t know if he is looking for that. He was on. The Bachelor and that’s the whole premise of the show,” she told UseSeptember. “So I would assume he is, but I can’t put words in his mouth. He’s definitely on a path to finding love. As am I. It doesn’t seem like he’s playing around so I respect that immensely.”

Earlier this month, however, King revealed on an episode of “Intimate Knowledge” that the Finding the Love You Desire author, 34,  who asked her “to be his girlfriend” in Vegas, reached out to say he saw the duo as “strictly friends.” 

During the podcast, the Newport Beach resident admitted that there were no hard feelings between her and Johnson, saying, “I felt bad, like I was using him. Because I was. He was fine, and everyone is fine. So, I need to get over it.”

Before she flings with the Bachelor NationKing, an alumnus, tied the knot with Cuffe OwensThey split in July 2021. The reality star was also married. Jim EdmondsFrom 2014 to 2018. (The ex-couple share Aspen, 5, and twins Hayes, and Hart, 4, respectively.