Megapastor Makes Eyebrow-Raising Tweet About Punishing Women For Abortion

April 04, 2016Apr 04, 2016


Donald Trump's recent remarks about abortion (that he later retracted or clarified) have people asking 2 hard questions. First, who is at fault with an abortion? And second, how should they be punished? For example, in a drug case, both the dealer and the user are punished. But applying a similar logic isn't so simple to most people in the case of abortion.

Basically all of the presidential candidates--Republican and Democrat--believe that the woman should never be punished. Of course, Democrats don't think the providing doctor should be punished either, as they don't think abortion should be a crime. But the gray area of giving consequences to the women who are asking for the abortion is what has people very upset.

Trump, when pressured, initially said that women should receive consequences. Of what kind, he did not yet know. He was later slammed for that, and he and his team retracted the statement. But Texas megapastor Robert Jeffress, who has been outspoken about Trump's candidacy, says that those who are criticizing Trump are hypocritical.


Jeffress' comment has many people upset. Presumably, his logic is that if abortion is truly murder, then all people involved should be held accountable. But since this is such a tough subject, many people find that hard to swallow.

How about you? Do you know how you feel about making abortion illegal? Should people be punished? And if so, who? Let us hear your thoughts (stated as politely as possible, please) in the Comments! Thank you!