Meet The Woman Who Is The New White House Communications Director

August 16, 2017Aug 16, 2017

The New York Times announced today that Hope Hicks, a longtime aid of Trump and his press secretary during his campaign, will serve as the interim White House Communications Director. The position has been empty since Anthony Scaramucci resigned after a mere ten days in the role. 

Hicks has been a bit of a enigma. Throughout Donald Trump's presidential campaign, she was described as the "press-shy press secretary," and she had no political experience prior to becoming President Trump's press secretary during the 2016 campaign. The 28-year-old routinely declined interviews about herself during the campaign.

After Trump won the presidency, Hicks went to work for him in the communications team. Her title before her promotion was director of strategic communications.

"[Hicks] already is considered one of the most important people in the president’s communications orbit and has the most sway over who in the news media gets interviews with the president," adds the NYTimes. 

Even though Hicks has no prior history in politics, President Trump says he was impressed with the young woman, who came to his attention after she was hired in 2014 to do PR for Ivanka's fashion line. 

"I thought Hope was outstanding,” Trump said during the 2016 campaign about his first impressions of her. “She was very natural when it comes to picking it up, and a lot of people can't pick it up, because it's so fast-moving. It's faster-moving than anything else."

From a public relations specialist, Hicks rose to one of the highest paid members of President Trump's White House staff, making $179,700—the same as Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. Politico sees the value of Hicks, who has stayed out of the spotlight. 

"Hicks, however, is different from his other aides," they wrote, adding that her press-shy ways have given her more credibility with the media. "She has never lied, on the record, in service of the president," they added. 

She's also shied away from shining the spotlight on herself. She's more interested in helping people to know the Donald Trump that she knows.

"She turns down most media requests that come her way, because she prefers to serve the president without a spotlight shining on her," adds Politico. 

Hicks may also play a pivotal communications director, even if the role is temporary. The same Politico article describes the young woman as a "Trump whisperer." 

Marc Short, Trump's director of legislative affairs told the news outlet that "she can help give readouts on conversations the president has had with legislators."

He added, “If there’s something that’s happening in urgent fashion, she’s able to convey that information quickly to the president and get back with the answer that we need.”

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