Meet The Man Who Stopped the Wednesday School Shooting Spree

September 14, 2017Sep 14, 2017

The Seattle Times reported yesterday that multiple injuries occurred in a shooting spree at a high school south of Spokane. At least five ambulances and a LifeFlight helicopter were called to the scene at Freeman High School, where the incident occurred. According to the Spokesman-Review, a total of 5 people were shot and one victim died. 

All Spokane Public Schools were placed on lockdown immediately after the shooting, which took place Wednesday morning. The lockdown occurred at precisely 11:25 am. 

Today, more news broke about the shooting. We now know about the man who prevented the tragedy from being even worse. Many more people would have died if not for a school custodian, John Bowen, who is said to have confronted the gunman despite having no weapon of his own.

Apparently, the shooter was pulling out a new weapon when a student walked up to him and began engaging him. But the student was quickly shot and did not survive. 

The shooter then began firing more rounds in the hallway, striking several students, until the school custodian confronted him and ordered the killer to surrender. 

At least for a brief moment, the killer was surprised at being so boldly confronted and briefly paused. This provided the school resource officer an opportunity to arrive and capture the shooter.

This custodian truly was risking his life by bravely confronting the killer in a way that had quite literally, moments earlier, gotten another person killed. Bowen was willing to suffer the same fate for the sake of everyone else in the school.

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