Learn The Reason This Man Knew He Had Found Elizabeth Thomas

April 21, 2017Apr 21, 2017

On Thursday, Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins were discovered in a cabin in northern California.

Police formed a perimeter around the cabin and waited until Cummins, the former teacher accused of abducting Thomas, went to his car. It was then that authorities made their move and successfully apprehended Cummins.

However, police would never have known they were there if it hadn't have been for the watchful eyes of Griffin Barry.

Barry, a caretaker on the cabin property where they were found, first spotted Cummins and Thomas when they arrived at a gas station on the property and said their names were John and Joanna.

Griffin told reporters that Cummins stated he needed money for food, gas and a place to stay. Griffin gave him some gas and set them up in a cabin on the property. Through this interaction, Griffin noticed they were acting strange and recognized Tad Cummins from the Amber Alert posters.

"The girl wasn't really looking at me or anything and he was always dominating the conversation. That kind of clues people in," Barry told ABC News' "Good Morning America."

He also made a connection between the newcomers "John and Joanna" and the car they drove.

"I had a photo of him that was the Amber Alert and I was like, that’s definitely the guy, and then we saw the car as well and it matched up. Then we called the police right after that," he added.

This is an awesome ending to the story and Griffin is a hero!