Medical Office Tries Alternative Form Of Communication On Fridays: Talking!

August 10, 2015Aug 10, 2015

In many workplaces, casual Fridays means jeans and, unfortunately, Hawaiian shirts. But for MomDoc Midwives, a Gilbert, Arizona-based OB/GYN practice, Fridays mean shunning emails, texting, and chatting as a form of inter-office communication.


According to the East Valley Tribune, it was an idea adapted by CEO Nick Goodman who wanted to improve interaction among his employees. Instead of communicating through digital forms like during the rest of the week, MomDoc employees are encouraged to get up and talk to each other on Fridays. 

One of the benefits? 

“Sometimes it is better to be able to see and hear those who you are talking with, and know what their voice says about their attitude,” Goodman explained. 

The decision has been popular with the office staff. They say their stress level is lower on Fridays when they're communicating face-to-face with their coworkers rather than jumping to respond to every alert on their phones and computers. 

Would this improve your own workplace?