Media Painted Her As 'Super Mom' But NEW REPORT Shows Her Family Has A Different Opinion

March 30, 2017Mar 30, 2017

America was mesmerized when Sherri Papini, the California mom who went missing while out for a jog. 

In the days following her last sighting, Papini became a household name. Her face was plastered across every news outlet in the nation. Naturally, when she was discovered on Thanksgiving, badly beaten, tortured and branded, it made front page headlines across America.

Since her abduction, the police are still considering the investigation active and ongoing. However, they have told the public they should not be concerned about potential kidnappers lurking in the community.

Many people have cast doubts on the entire story, some even claiming it was a complete hoax. At this time, the police are still treating it as an extremely real kidnapping and pursuing all possible leads.

In a weird turn of events, a police report has just been released which shows Papini has a troubled past that her pictures seemed to hide.

"Papini’s relatives made multiple calls to law enforcement about her between 2000 and 2003, according to incident reports from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office in California," according to new reports.

Papini was said to have hurt herself and then blamed family members as well as vandalized relatives housing, even kicking in her sister's door and fleeing.

The details are currently not tied to the case. However, with leads drying up, the information does raise questions for some people.

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