Medal of Honor Recipient Offers Solution After Terror Attack, Says Trump Will Get Us There

May 24, 2017May 24, 2017

Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer was interviewed on Fox and Friends regarding the terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, U.K. on Wednesday. 22 lives were taken and nearly 60 were injured, many of which were teenagers and children. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

During the interview Meyer was asked, “How can we end this for good? And strike real fear into the hearts of ISIS?”

Meyer responded, “I think the only way you get this point across is when we release the gates of hell on them and we go over and we just start making war so ugly that guess what? Their recruitment videos, it’s not cool to join ISIS anymore and at some point we’re going to have to do that...You can’t just ignore this problem because it’s going to come here.”

Meyer also gave his input on President Donald J. Trump and former president Barack Obama.

“I’m optimistic. The only thing that I’m optimistic about on this situation is that we have a president, you know think whatever you want about his politics...but here’s what I’ll tell you: At least we have a president that’s in place that’s not gonna allow us to be the victims. You can guarantee he’s going to do whatever it’s gonna take, no matter if it’s the most popular thing in the court of public opinion. He’s gonna do what’s right to protect America. That’s a good thing we have on our side right now.”

He mentioned he was ‘absolutely not’ satisfied with Obama’s (the president who presented Meyer the Medal of Honor) execution of the war on terror.

“He was too busy worrying about what everybody thought of him instead of doing what was right...For eight years we’ve stood by and watched attacks across the globe on their own people and really, what have we done about it? Nothing. You see we have a president in place right now that has leadership in place who’s going to put a strategy together who I think are really going to go after ISIS this time and do something about it. We have to. We have to stop fighting wars with politics and political agendas...We have to make war so ugly that nobody wants to fight it anymore and afterwards we start building back what we need to build back.”

His solution: “You can’t negotiate with these types of people. There’s only one way to get rid of these type of people and that’s by killing them.”

Click here to watch the full interview. Please continue to pray for everyone involved in the attack.

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