Meanwhile, At The ‘Day Without A Woman’ Protest...You’ve Got To See This

March 08, 2017Mar 08, 2017

A George Soros-funded, Planned Parenthood-backed, liberal anti-Trump protest in the guise of “Day Without A Woman” is going on today across the nation to highlight the role of women in our society.

According to the “Women’s March on Washington” organization’s website, women today are supposed to abandon their jobs and homes, not shop at big businesses, and wear read in protest of gender inequality — and in support of a laundry list of liberal causes at least half the women in America don’t subscribe to.

Some of the female protesters are showing up at organized demonstrations, and just look at who is leading a bunch of women at this one:

“We are all we need to survive, remember that,” the man said to the chanting women.

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