McDonald’s Under Fire After ‘Intentional Act of Religious and Ethnic Bigotry’

August 04, 2017Aug 04, 2017

McDonald’s is under fire after one Muslim family found bacon in fourteen of the McChicken sandwiches they ordered at an Alabama location. According to the McDonald’s website, the McChicken is a “deliciously crispy chicken topped with mayonnaise, shredded lettuce, and served on a perfectly toasted bun.” Nowhere on the menu does it state that the sandwich contains bacon or pork.

The family was devastated. For religious reasons, Muslims do not eat pork because they believe it is harmful to the human body.

USA Today reported that one family member even vomited after discovering the bacon. This incident is being described as an “intentional act of religious and ethnic bigotry.”

A spokesperson for McDonald’s responded to the incident in a statement, which claimed that the act was unintentional. However, the family thinks otherwise because the bacon pieces were small and hidden inside the sandwich, reported Decatur Daily.

“We want to assure our customers that this was not an intentional act by our employees. We value every customer and strive to ensure all orders are accurately prepared and served.”

The family who found the bacon in their sandwiches posted a video. In the background you can hear one family member saying, “Look; look what happened. Why? Why?”

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Earlier this year, McDonald's also faced outrage for another reason. Many referred to it as "disgusting" and called for a boycott on the fast food restaurant.  

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