McDonald's New Changes Will Soon Go into Effect

January 16, 2018Jan 16, 2018

According to CNN, McDonald's has promised to stop using packaging that contributes to deforestation. Currently, says CNN, around 64% of their packaging meets this standard, but by 2020 all packaging will meet this standard. 

Indeed, the company has been working toward several environmental goals over the past few years. For instance, they began purchasing sustainable beef in 2016, and they plan to entirely eliminate foam packaging by the end of 2018. 

By 2025, McDonald's has even more ambitious plans: to use renewable, recyclable, or certified materials in all packaging. This will be accompanied by the wider use of recycling bins, which will be placed in most — if not all — of its restaurants. 

The company issued a statement claiming that these new changes are a result of customer input. According to Francesca DeBiase, the sustainability officer for McDonald's, customers have told the company that they would like to transition into more environmentally-friendly products. As a result, it is now the ambition of McDonald's to implement these changes that customers want, and as soon as possible.

Today, only 10% of stores have recycling bins for customer use. And only half of all McDonald's packaging comes from renewable, recycled, or certified materials.

BBC News reports that in the UK, sites no longer use foam packaging and more than 1,000 restaurants now have recycling bins for plastic and paper cups. But McDonald's is bigger than just the UK, totaling about 37,000 stores worldwide, many of which might struggle to implement these new changes. 

According to CNBC News, McDonald's is set for massive growth throughout 2018. 

They report, "The combination of McDonald's planned rollout of fresh, never-frozen beef, its recent relaunch of its Dollar Menu and woes at other restaurant chains could help the restaurant boost its same-store sales and grab more market share in the industry."

CNBC writes that the company's stock in 2017 was up more than 41%, which is the largest stock move in the restaurant industry during the year. 

The company's launch of $1 and $2 soft drinks and McCafe beverages in April of last year has been cited as part of the reason why sales have been so strong in recent quarters. 

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