McCain’s Family Very Grateful for What They Found on Their Favorite Trail

July 31, 2017Jul 31, 2017

After Senator John McCain was recently diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, the public has outpoured a generous amount of love and prayers for him and his family. As they continue to go through this difficult time, an act of kindness by an anonymous person went a long way for the McCain family.

The family was hiking one of their favorite trails in Arizona after Senator McCain reportedly returned back for cancer treatment. On the trail, they found something that left them very grateful: handmade, “Thank you, Senator” signs.

John McCain’s wife Cindy McCain shared a photo of the signs on Instagram. She said, “We found these on our road this morning. Thank you whoever made these.” Senator McCain also shared photos of him and his daughter Meghan McCain enjoying the beautiful scenery.

McCain recently stunned the Senate with his decision in the ObamaCare Repeal vote. People magazine reports these signs were left in response to his voting decision.

He was one of only three republicans that voted against the repeal, which was surprising to many since he originally voted for an open debate on the proposed health care repeal and replace. The voting on the ObamaCare repeal marked McCain’s big return after first being diagnosed with brain cancer.

Although the signs were not directly related to the brain cancer diagnosis, this act of kindness brought their family joy in the midst of a difficult time. Read more about Senator John McCain’s diagnosis here. Please continue to pray for Senator John McCain and his family. Thank you!

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