Senator John McCain Makes His Return

July 25, 2017Jul 25, 2017

Senator John McCain was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, as the public discovered on July 19th. Following his diagnosis, many politicians and others around the world stated their well wishes and prayers for McCain, including former president Barack Obama, democratic 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and President Donald Trump.

In hopeful news, McCain announced on July 24th that he would be returning to the Senate the following day for continued work on the health care reform. After his announcement, President Trump also expressed his excitement, calling McCain an “American hero.”

On July 25th, McCain said he will be speaking on the Senate floor. McCain is one of many republicans for the health care reform. According to ABC News only two republican senators voted “no”: Susan Collins from Maine and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska.

President Trump publicly expressed his thanks to McCain for returning in light of such a “vital” time. He states, “Thank you for coming to D.C. for such a vital vote. Congrats to all Rep. We can now deliver grt healthcare to all Americans!”

Praise the Lord for John McCain’s quick return and improvement in health. Please continue to pray for McCain as he recovers. Read how McCain’s cancer diagnosis helped members from both political parties come together, despite political differences. Thank you!