Max Lucado Takes On Trump's, Cruz's Stance On Muslim Immigrants

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March 29, 2016Mar 29, 2016

On a Kilmeade and Friends radio show segment, pastor and author Max Lucado was asked for his take on Donald Trump's and Ted Cruz' stances on Muslim immigration in the U.S.


Trump has previously said that he wants to halt Muslim immigration until better screening can be put into place to keep terrorists out.

To that, Lucado replied, "I understand where he's coming from. I think a compassionate immigration policy would be much better than the seemingly inconsistent policy that we have now."

But he added, "If his tone, if his rhetoric, could be more sympathetic with the plight of the Muslim people, many of whom are dear friends of mine.... I try to place myself in their shoes, and I would think, 'Boy, I am just feeling denigrated here.' That shouldn't be our goal. We don't want to denigrate people who are here legally, and yet sometimes the tone comes across that way."

Lucado continued, "The role of a president is to be a statesman. Now whether he's a man of a secondary thing. But the ability to be a statesman and call people to work together and respect one another, that's a crucial goal."

Cruz recently said America should survey the Muslim neighborhoods within its borders to watch for signs of Islamic radicalization.

Asked if he thought that approach was reasonable, Lucado replied, "I do. I think the way we articulate is what is so essential. The way we express things matters if we're going to unite. The vast majority of people in the United States would appreciate a government that would compassionately control the immigration issue. It has to be done, though, in a spirit of understanding that unifies that people rather than picking one group of the population and pitting them against the other."