Max Lucado Speaks Out After Anti-Trump Group Uses Him in Ad

October 24, 2016Oct 24, 2016

Evangelical author and megachurch pastor Max Lucado has not endorsed Donald Trump, and he's even spoke out against him during the Primaries process, but now that Trump is the nominee, his stance has seemed to have softened. And that's why he didn't appreciate his words being used in an anti-Trump campaign.

According to Christian Daily, the George Soros-backed progressive Christian non-profit Faith in Public Life released a series of anti-Trump ads, one of them labeled "Lucado," which features the pastor's words earlier this year criticizing various comments Trump has made about women.

But today Lucado fired back on Twitter, writing, "Certain groups are using my words in political ads without my permission. Please do not take what I've said as an endorsement. Pray & vote."

His tweet mirrored more recent comments he's made, like the ones in an NRP interview, where he focuses on praying for our nation's leaders and having faith that God can work through any ruler.

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