Matt Walsh Comes Up With A Much Better Name For ‘Day Without A Woman’

March 08, 2017Mar 08, 2017

Today is the day of the “Day Without A Woman” protest.

Considering its strong support by groups like Planned Parenthood,, AFL-CIO, Amnesty International, the Sierra Club, and Democracy Spring, it’s easy to see that today’s protest has less to do with women and more to do with pushing a hard left, anti-Trump agenda.

Popular conservative Christian commentator Matt Walsh has his own name for the protest: “A Day Without Women Who Were Aborted in the Womb.”

Writing for The Blaze, Walsh says today is about praising abortion and birth control as “sacraments in the Church of Feminism.”

“Women are given the exclusive right to kill,” he adds, “but they are not given the right, while in the womb, to not be killed. The irony, then, is that this really is a ‘day without women’ — only, it’s the women who were exterminated in the womb that we must go without today, and every other day. Feminism offers them no help.”

If you’re a woman and are not sure what you’re supposed to be doing today, apparently you’re being encouraged to take the day off work (even if you’re a homemaker), not go shopping today (unless it’s at “small, women- and minority-owned businesses,” which is most of them), and wear red, according to the official “Day Without A Woman" web page, which is part of the anti-Trump “Women’s March on Washington” site.

On a side note, a Faith Family America editor just pointed out that if female protesters are shopping at women-owned businesses today, they’re actually supporting women who are refusing to join their protest.

In his article entitled, “Thank God my wife is too mature and responsible for this ‘Day Without A Woman’ silliness,” Walsh also said another name for the protest is “A Day for Exclusively Left Wing Feminist Women to Hold Signs and Chant Slogans Instead of Doing Anything Useful.”

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