Matt Walsh's Take On Donald Trump--And It's Not Pretty

September 28, 2015Sep 28, 2015


The Donald. A candidate who has taken this presidential race by storm. Some love him, some hate him. Some are more incredulous of the success he has had so far in this race. And many others are somewhat confused on where he stands on certain issues, like abortion or his faith, because there has been a lot of different comments made.


Here, conservative blogger Matt Walsh, gives his take on Donald Trump. It is an opinion piece and pretty intense. After reading, we would love to hear what you think!

From Matt's Facebook:

"I said I would write an analysis of each candidate over the next few weeks. I've done Cruz and Carson.

Now let's talk about Donald Trump.

I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I have many reasons, for instance I dislike everything about him.

Donald Trump is a terrible candidate and would make a disastrous president for reasons that go much deeper than his opinions and statements about the issues. But as far as that goes, I find nothing to support:

On abortion, Trump spent the first 60 years of his life supporting every form of abortion, even partial birth, where a fully formed child is stabbed in the skull with a pair of scissors as it is leaving the birth canal. Trump says he suddenly and coincidentally became pro-life right around the time he wanted to run for president, but that's hard to buy. At any rate, it's impossible to trust the moral judgment of a man who took 60 years to figure out that you shouldn't stab fully developed babies in the brain.

Recently, he's been all over the map on Planned Parenthood, at various times supporting a government shutdown, and then days later saying Planned Parenthood does good work and parts of it should still be funded (in other words, keeping the status quo). No pro lifer could possibly justify supporting this man over any of the other candidates.

On taxes, he supports raising taxes on the rich, which is an idea Conservatives suddenly decided to embrace because Trump said it. The problem is that his tax plan, as half baked as it is, makes clear his intention to keep growing government.

On Constitutional rights, he doesn't often talk about liberty or freedom. He doesn't seem to care, as far as I can tell. He has at various points been for and against certain forms of gun control. Outside of that, protecting liberty doesn't appear to be on his agenda. He's the first Republican candidate I've ever seen who gets standing ovations while openly dismissing the Bill of Rights and promising to grow government.

On family issues, he declared that gay marriage is the law of the land and shouldn't be resisted. He says he's against it personally, but has never shown any ability to articulate or expand upon that position.

On foreign policy, he admits to knowing little about it. He doesn't even know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah. He says he gets foreign policy advice from TV, and will eventually learn more about the subject. He hasn't yet taken the time to learn at any point in his 70 years, but we're supposed to trust he'll become an expert some time between now and halfway through his first term, I guess. Recently he said we should trust his judgment on Syria because he knows how to create jobs. That's about as sensible and coherent as Trump gets.

On immigration, he talks about building a fence, which puts him in the same camp as many other candidates. He says he wants to round up 11 million illegals, ship them back across the border, and then summarily let them in again if they're "terrific." This strikes me as silly, impractical, and expensive. He also seems to think he can or should deport naturalized citizens.

On government, he's supported bailouts and crony capitalism. This is no surprise considering he is a crony capitalist. He openly admits to bribing politicians. He makes, as I said, not even the slightest effort to convince us he plans to reign in the size of government. Mostly because he has no such plan.

On private property, he supports eminent domain and has personally used the government to confiscate private land so he could build casinos.

On faith, he says he believes in God but doesn't need to ask God for forgiveness. Recently he was asked to name a passage in the Bible and couldn't. A few days ago CBN asked him to elaborate on his belief in God and Trump spent most of the answer talking about his golf courses and business talent. It doesn't appear that he's ever opened a Bible in his life.

Outside of that, he's said little about policy and demonstrated virtually no interest or knowledge about any topic outside of himself. We all know he identified as a Democrat until recently, is great friends with the Clintons, and donated heavily to Nancy Pelosi and others.

But this all pales in comparison to his character, which is non-existent. He admits to being a corrupt swindler who bribes politicians and misrepresents his intentions. He blatantly lies on a regular basis, like when he denied trying to buy Bush's support for casino gambling in Florida. The records prove he did. He lied.

He is a sensitive, petty man with very thin skin. A whiny trust fund baby who has been surrounded with wealth and yes men his entire life, which has made him needy and weak and petulant. Even though the media lavishes him with attention, he constantly cries that they're all being unfair. He can't handle the slightest criticism and melts into a puddle when anyone on any level says anything negative about him. He regularly calls for his critics to be fired or banned from TV. A few days ago, he asked the FCC to punish someone who insulted him on Fox News.

It scares me to death to think of how he'd shutdown dissent and free speech if he actually controlled the government. Especially because, if voters are foolish enough to put him in the White House, he will have a mandate to act as president exactly as he's acted as a candidate. That means punishing dissenters and shutting down speech, just as he's done, or tried to do, on the campaign trail.

He gets credit for telling it like it is, but he doesn't. He lies. He also can't stomach when anyone else tells it like it is. Despite his reputation, he regularly toes the PC line on important things, like when he accuses Planned Parenthood critics of opposing "women's health."

He gets credit for being anti-establishment, but he isn't. He's admitted as much. Not long ago, he said in a press conference that he "was in the establishment until 2 months ago." He's been a part of the government establishment, corporate establishment, and Hollywood establishment. He's more establishment than Bush and McConnell put together.

Finally, he's a creep. He said his own daughter had a great figure and he'd date her if she wasn't related. He told a woman she'd look great on her knees. He is an unrepentant philanderer and adulterer. He is not a man of dignity, honor, courage, or integrity.

He is not the sort of man any rational human being should intentionally put in charge of a country. There is nothing positive to say about him, I award him no credit for anything he's done or said, and may God have mercy on his soul and on our nation if we are suicidal enough to elect him president."

So there it is. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!