'TV Legend,' Famous Host Hit by Car, Hospitalized With Broken Bones, Cracked Skull

December 08, 2018Dec 08, 2018

This week, former MTV host and beloved “expert” in the music industry Matt Pinfield was in a major car accident. He was struck by a speeding car and has been hospitalized for the last several days with several broken bones and a severe head injury.

According to the Daily Mail, Pinfield is recovering at Cedar Senai Hospital in Los Angeles. The 57-year-old said that he is “blessed to be alive” after the horrible accident which could have had a much different outcome.

Pinfield reportedly was rushed to the hospital on Monday night after the accident. Since then, he has had two surgeries. He is recovering from two broken bones, facial lacerations, and a cracked skull.

TMZ wrote, “He was crossing a street to his apartment, and the next he was smashed straight-up into the air by a speeding car. He says when he landed he looked down at his leg…which was suddenly pretzel-shaped.”

Pinfield is best known for his work on MTV when he hosted “120 Minutes.” Throughout his career, he has hosted over 100 MTV specials. In 2001, he became the VP of A & R and Artist Development for Columbia Records.

Please be praying for Matt as he recovers. At this point, he is expected to make a full recovery. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, the sad news was just confirmed that a famous actor and athlete just passed away.