Report: Source Reveals What Matt Lauer's Wife Will Do Amid His Scandal, Termination

December 04, 2017Dec 04, 2017

Last week, NBC announced the termination of their highest-paid news anchor. Matt Lauer was dismissed from the network after a coworker gave a detailed report of sexual misconduct. 

The network said that the report was the first complaint that they had received about Lauer's behavior. However, they said that they had reason to believe that it was not an isolated incident. 

After the news of Lauer's termination was released, several stories emerged about his misconduct. Since the announcement, eyes have been on his wife, Annette Roque. 

On Saturday, it was reported that Roque left the country with their two youngest children, Romy (14) and Thijs (11). The three escaped to the Netherlands where Roque is originally from. 

The couple had already been experiencing issues and they filed for a divorce in 2006. The filing was withdrawn shortly after, but Roque had said that Lauer was controlling and cruel. 

Last week, a source close to Matt reportedly told Hollywood Life that he was pleading for his wife to stay with him. 

The source said, "Matt has been pleading with his wife Annette not to leave him during this, what he feels like is the worst week of his life. Matt has been begging his wife to stay and not to make things any worse or more difficult for him or for their children. Matt feels like she has stood by him for years, through some challenging times and so he is hoping that she will continue to be a faithful and loyal wife despite all of his mistakes and inability to do the same for her."

Now, a source close to Annette has revealed what she has been thinking about the entire situation. They said that while Annette feels like she could "move on" from her marriage, she wants to wait for things to settle down before making any decision. 

They said, "[Annette] feel that she may need to wait until the dust settles before filing for divorce. Annette feels it is important for her children that the family stays together during this crisis with all of the accusations swirling around their father."

"Since Matt was fired, their home has been a tense environment and Annette is going to wait out the storm before moving on," they continued.

The source later reportedly revealed that Annette will most likely still move forward with a divorce. 

They said, "Matt convinced her once already to drop the divorce, but it is not going to work this time. Annette is just going to wait for the right time and now is not it."

The source that revealed this information has not been named, and so it is difficult to determine the validity of these statements. The only thing that is clear is that Annette has left the country for the time being to escape the public eye. 

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