Matt Lauer's Father-In-Law Defends Daughter, Slams Disgraced Newsman

December 06, 2017Dec 06, 2017

Matt Lauer made major headlines last week after being terminated from his job at the Today Show following sexual misconduct allegations. In the days since his firing, many people have wondered about the future of his marriage and his family.

Lauer has been married to his second wife since 1998. The couple also has three children together. Days after the allegations against Lauer surfaced, it was reported that his wife, Annette Roque, left the U.S. and flew to her parent's house in the Netherlands.

Now, Roque's father is speaking out and defending his daughter. He also slammed Matt for his terrible actions and for the massive betrayal he committed.

"I have no words for her husband. What he has done is bad," Henri Roque says. "She is not going to stay with him and work it out. They are not together trying to work it out. She is feeling shocked and she is now having sorrow for her children. Me too. Everybody is feeling quite sad. There are also the kids, I don’t know what she’s doing or who they are going to stay with."

This isn't the first time the Lauer's have faced marital issues. Over the years, numerous reports have surfaced that accused Matt of cheating on his wife. Many people also questioned their marriage since Matt lived in his own apartment int he city and his wife lived elsewhere.

"Annette also reportedly filed for divorce against her husband in September 2006, before eventually withdrawing the documents and reconciling, according to The New York Daily News. According to paperwork first obtained by the National Enquirer, in the filing, Annette accused her husband of 'cruel and inhumane acts,'" reported ET Online.

What do you think? What would you say if this is your daughter? Please join us in praying for their children during this difficult time. Also, read our breaking news story about the Duck Dynasty stars who just lost a family member to cancer.

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