Massive Search Underway After Sheriff's Deputy Shot and Killed After 911 Call

January 08, 2018Jan 08, 2018

UPDATE AT 7:15 P.M. EASTERN — The suspect is in custody, according to ABC News. No other details have been provided.

Reports are coming in that a manhunt is underway in Washington, according to ABC News. The manhunt began after a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed while responding to a 911 call on Sunday night. 

ABC News reports that Pierce County Deputy Daniel McCartney was shot a little bit after 11:30 pm when responding to a call reporting a home intruder. During the call, the dispatchers could apparently hear screaming and a scuffle taking place. It was clear from the beginning that the deputy could be entering into a dangerous situation. 

Soon after arriving at the location, McCartney, who was the first deputy to arrive on the scene, became involved in a foot chase with the suspect. It was during this case that numerous shots were fired and the deputy, trying to catch the invader, was struck. McCartney was then taken to the hospital where he died.

There were apparently two suspects in total, although one of them was also shot and died at the scene. The second suspect, unfortunately, is still unidentified and running from authorities. Police have warned that the man is armed and dangerous. 

According to Pierce Co Sheriff's Twitter, the unidentified male is mixed race or white. He is tall and thin, and he has curly dark hair in a ponytail. His nose is large and pointy and was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and a black beanie.

Pierce Co Sheriff's Twitter also pointed out that Deputy Daniel McCartney was 34 years old, married, and the father of three boys. He was also a proud Navy veteran and deputy since 2014. They request that everyone keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor remarked that the deputy was murdered. 

"Take a minute and think about what it means to stand up and step forward ... to live a life of duty and obligation and sacrifice as deputy McCartney did," Pastor said. "This man stepped forward and he lost his life as a result of working to protect the community."

According to the News Tribune, drivers were asked to avoid the area and residents were asked to remain inside of their homes. Nearby schools were canceled on Monday due to the investigation. 

Neighbors woke up confused by noise and commotion in the area. The News Tribune writes that Soobie Yoo, a 32-year-old who lives about two blocks from the scene, woke up when she saw flashing police lights outside of her window. 

She claims that she never heard the shots and was surprised to hear of events when she finally figured out what happened on Monday morning. 

The planning for his funeral will begin at 10 am. 

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