Massive 'Sea Monster' Caught Off Coast of Florida, 757-Pound Whopper of a Fish

April 23, 2019Apr 23, 2019

The ocean is home to some of the most magnificent creatures on the planet. While some fish and other animals live beneath the waves and are tiny specimens, other creatures can get to be extremely large.

One fishermen in Florida found this out firsthand when he reeled in a monster catch! Now, his accomplishment is going viral!

"On March 31, Captain Nick Stanczyk took a group of clients out on his charter boat, unaware that he was about to make the catch of a lifetime. He led them to a location off the coast of Islamorada, Fla., a known spot for swordfish sightings. About 10 minutes after setting the bait, Stanczyk noticed they had a bite," reported Fox.

Not a single one on board expected what was about to happen. They quickly realized they had hooked a massive swordfish. It took over 8 hours to reel in the fish.

"It took eight hours, but they were finally able to harpoon the giant and use a pulley to bring it onto the boat. By that point, the struggle had caused the vehicle to drift 20 miles away from its starting location. When they got back to shore, it took seven people to get the fish off the boat, but it ended up being worth it," according to reports.

The swordfish weighed 757 pounds. It was a personal record for Stanczyk and they all enjoyed the catch by cooking up some awesome swordfish steaks!

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